Playing with YuGiOh cards is not just for little kids, it's perfectly acceptable if high schoolers find it fun and play it too, amirite?

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There is no rule in society that dictates that you must abandon your childhood joys when you reach high school. YuGiOh is aimed at TEENAGERS, not little kids, regardless of what you think. It's a complicated game requiring much strategy which needs a mature mentality to play effectively and correctly, something a normal child does not have. Anyone who thinks that high schoolers shouldn't play YuGiOh because of their age is an idiotic bigot.

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I challenge everyone who votes no way to come up with a legitimate reason why playing YuGiOh is not ok.

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Just like anything else, it gets more complicated as you get older. The way young children play Yugioh is childish and you should grow out of that, but if you play it at competitive levels with young adults, it's just as complex of a game as, say, chess. The same could be said for Pokemon, sports, whatever.

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The people who disagree to this are clearly ignorant.

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I completely agree. there's nothing wrong with a person playing a card game that they find fun.

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Only if you're Asian.

It /is/ a children's card game according to LittleKuriboh, but play on, brotha!

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What kind of fool would say no? It's not like their hurting anyone. Hell, my brother who's in college still plays pokemon.

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Yu-Gi-Oh was so 4 years ago...

If those of you think that It's OK to play Pokemon and not Yu-Gi-Oh have never played a serious game of said children's card game.

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YuGiOh is for middle school... MAGIC IS FOR HIGH SCHOOL! No offence to anyone...

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I don't know, same reason why playing with barbies is no longer okay when you're in HS. Because it's designed for LITTLE KIDS. Grow up faggots.

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@I don't know, same reason why playing with barbies is no longer okay when you're in HS. Because it's designed for...

Who says that playing with barbies isn't okay? Is there a law somewhere that states this? No, there isn't. Also, faggot is a derogatory term for a homosexual man. In what way does playing Yu-Gi-Oh in high school cause me to be sexually attracted to other males? Show me the law that says you can't play Yu-Gi-Oh or play with Barbies or any other childish hobby in high school, and prove that it causes a sexual attraction to people of the same gender and then maybe I'll agree with you.

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