We're all jealous of those people with the crazy fast metabolisms that eat like pigs and still weigh like four pounds, amirite?

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Unless you're a dude.

I'm one of those people! ;D

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Lucky! ^ I'm like the opposite! :(

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those peeps r lucky im like the total opposite

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Sweet, i'm also one of those dudes. I have to admit, we are so lucky. It's a shame that not everyone could be like this :(

im like that and people are all like "why dont you eat?" "you need to gain some weight!" actually, i probably eat more than you and believe me, I've tried to gain more weight and IT JUST DOESN'T WORK.

I'm one of those people with the crazy fast metabolisms! :D

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Unfortunately when they grow older for most of them their metabolism will start to slow down and then their weight might increase dramatically because they are used to eating so much.

yep. all our friends ((me and my sisters)) have declared us unfair because we can eat whatever we want and not gain much weight!

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that's me. the only bad thing is for people that are skinny because of a fast metabolism, is that other people make fun of them because they think that they starve themselfs. :(

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Ahahaha funny^^^

hahah thatss mee:)

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Hehe that'd be me!!! (:

thats EXACTALLY like my friend!

haha i'm like that as well

Yeah but us people with fast metabolisms have to take 20 dumps a day :(

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thats me! i dont take 20 dumps a day.

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thats my sister. too bad her luck went bad a year ago.

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I'm one of those ppl. :)

Unless you're one of them, then you don't even realize it.
Oh, and I'm awesome!

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