It seems like the people that CAN'T sing are the ones that post the most youtube videos, amirite?

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and this is where justin bieber started....no wonder...

smb4evers avatar smb4ever Yeah You Are +12Reply

That little guy who can't sing, Keenan Cahill, lip syncs random songs and he's like famous now.

TicTacAddicts avatar TicTacAddict Yeah You Are +8Reply

Nichole337, anyone?

Retoosers avatar Retooser Yeah You Are +6Reply
@Retooser Nichole337, anyone?

Just beat me to it haha

@Retooser Nichole337, anyone?

HA, that girl is horrible, she can't even sing the song using the correct melody.

like that fat chick who did the "Mrs. new booty" cover.

528491s avatar 528491 Yeah You Are +1Reply

Like hitmanbreakeroftheye on YouTube; I wish his channel was still active.

ShanLovesStuffs avatar ShanLovesStuff Yeah You Are 0Reply

It's the same thing for American Idol auditions haha.

vondahls avatar vondahl Yeah You Are 0Reply
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