THEIR going to the mall over THEY'RE with THERE friends. Amirite?

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This makes my inner grammar Nazi curl up in the fetal position and sob tears of agony.

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You, my friend, are ready for the SATs.

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I don't get it...but maybe that's because I'm dyslexic.

was this supposed to be funny ?

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That is possibly one of the most pathetic things I've ever seen. If you were trying to be funny, it really didn't work.

It was so retarded and stupid and unfunny that it made me laugh...LOL

I_AGREEs avatar I_AGREE Yeah You Are +14Reply

repeated bitch slaps

fail troll is fail

@IVAN_CUATROVEINTE fail troll is fail

Apparently not, it got homepaged. Plus any troll that gets recognition is a successfull troll.

You know, if you were to read this to me, it would all sound the same

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Good job, you can speak Engrish!

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@Prosopagnosia Good job, you can speak Engrish!

herro, wercome to da shitty wok may i tek ur order prease

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I believe this is my old anon post. I also made a counterpart, which was a lot more successful: http://www.amirite.net/155387

This comment was deleted by its author.

I'm saying that both of these posts are mine.

I know this is a troll post, however, my inner Grammar Nazi sense is tingling...

GTFO -->

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I lol'd. Mostly at the comments though. The post was kind of lame ^^


Jonesys avatar Jonesy No Way +1Reply

"theirs" no way this should be homepaged....

I vote this for PotD.

Truuninjas avatar Truuninja Yeah You Are +1Reply

Finally OP, someone who's get's it lol, these people, are stupid

This comment was deleted by its author.

I sure hate it when my "grammer" is not up to par.

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learn how to capitalize . soon

future amiwrong post? i think so.

This user has deactivated their account.

didnt go on mlia in the first place.

This user has deactivated their account.

and i respectfully thankyou for withdrawing your comment

@That_Tall_Chik didnt go on mlia in the first place.

you should try it? i think so. best. website. ever.

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Cool post bro... post it again

No... you should actually post it 5 more times it was so good!!!

*THEY'RE going to the mall over THERE with THEIR friends.

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