You can't stand it when people pronounce words differently than you do, amirite?

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Sergs avatar Serg Yeah You Are +17Reply

It's pisses me off when they say coyote without the long e on the end.

cookiedoughs avatar cookiedough Yeah You Are +8Reply

I pronounce syrup as "sirr-up" instead of "seer-up" and my friends always yell at me. (cry2)

jens avatar jen Yeah You Are +8Reply

It depends. Sometimes I find it interesting, like with the word data. ("day-tah" vs. "dah-tah.")

mythoflights avatar mythoflight Yeah You Are +6Reply

Pronouncing "egg" like "Aaayy-g" instead of "ehhhhg" and same with leg, it's "lehhg," not "layyg"

goodtimes avatar goodtime Yeah You Are +5Reply

I pronounce schedule "shed-yule" just to fuck with people.

Lals avatar Lal Yeah You Are +4Reply

It annoys me even more when they put emphasis on the wrong syllable.

Or rather, emPHAsis on the wrong syllABle.

StarGazers avatar StarGazer Yeah You Are +4Reply

It rattles me when people say "caramel" like "carmal".

@cookiedough For me it's vice versa.

But it's spelt caramel.. I just truly don't understand why people pronounce it carmal.

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Cool story, bro.

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Sorry, I thought you were.

Anonymous 0Reply

I hate it when people say "vase" like "voz," Charade like "charahde," or any like amy.

I can't stand it when little kids say "der" instead of "ther" and "WARSHTINGTON" instead of "WASHINGTON"

Thebloo2s avatar Thebloo2 Yeah You Are 0Reply

People pronounce the "g" in "sing" or "song"

Thebloo2s avatar Thebloo2 Yeah You Are -1Reply
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