Masticating is chewing. Your wenis is on and around your elbow. Your cagina is the area of skin between your thumb and index finger. Weird, huh? amirite?

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So I can easily insert my wenis into my cagina

I lick my wenis occasionally, and I've masticated my cagina. Is that weird?

Whoever named those parts must have been very bored or something... :P

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I thought the cagina was the phalangina? It would make more sense considering your phalanges.

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Well, it IS a little weird that you know all of that...

your pener is the skin below your knee

my goal in life is to lick my wenis :D

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@my goal in life is to lick my wenis :D

I know someone who can do that. And when she does, I always yell, "She's masticating her wenis!"

It can get awkward if we're in public...

p-7 letters before w. penis to wenis
v-7 letters before c (if you go back around). vagina to cagina

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micturation is peeing but it's not really a funny one

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and your gina is the skin on your neck.

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and angina is chest pains!

i love masticating my cagina while stroking my wenis.

The skin in between your eyebrows is your fagina and the skin in between your thumb and forefinger is your fajeetis. It also explains what Anonymous thought ^.

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Wow I just matriculated!

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