It's pretty annoying/obnoxious when someone decides to dislike you, or even hate you, for absolutely no legitimate reason at all, amirite?

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Sometimes you just don't like somebody.

Happens to me all the time -.-
I make a conscious effort to be friendly to everyone, even if I don't like them, but a few people still seem to hate me for no reason. Keep in mind I've never done/said anything deliberately mean or offensive to them.

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I don't really care. People who judge people they don't know (probably off something they've heard about you) aren't the kind of people I want in my company anyways.

I hate these two girls in my fourth hour class for no reason, but I bristle every time I'm in the same room with them.
I have no idea why I dislike them, they just annoy the absolute piss out of me.

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