We all secretly hate people who give us home-made jam for gifts. What are we, Quakers? Exactly how much jam do you think we use? Well all know it's just gonna sit in our fridge for 3 years until we throw it out to make room for something else, amirite?

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Yeah, it absolutely sucks when people try to be nice to me and my family. Those thoughtful gestures are the worst.

Actually, I love it. Somebody gave my family strawberry jam and it was gone in like... 2 days

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My grandma makes my family jam sometimes. It's way better than the store bought jam.

... But everyone always gives my mom empty jars so they'll get homemade jam in return because it's so good

I went home from college during Christmas last year and my aunt gave my sister and I each a jar of Apple Cinnamon homemade Jam to take back to school with us on Christmas along with our gifts, and both of our jars were gone before we even left for school again

Jam is delicious D:

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