Girls should just stop complaining about their weight in attempt to get someone to say something nice about them, amirite?

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Yeah, not EVERY one who complains about the way the look is fishing for compliments.

"I am so fat, ugly, stupid, unathletic, not graceful, and terrible at medical practice! Anybody feel the need to contradict that?"

This girl once told me she wished she had bigger boobs because hers were so small, but the funny thing is that, she had the biggest fucking boobs I ever saw.

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A lot of girls actually believe what they say.

What's irritating is when they bitch about your body and then cry to you about how they'll never get a boyfriend.

I try not to, because then I'll feel bad and criticize myself for BEING an attention whore in the first place. So I just post funny videos of cats. :D

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Same goes for their grades, etc...

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