It sucks when you're part of a group project that's not even getting done properly and you get totally left out because no one will explain any of the stuff they did without you or bother to listen to you even when it turns out you're the only one that knows what you're doing, amirite?

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Why do you post so much stuff...

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was kind of challenged by my friend that got me onto this site, so my goal is kind of to get my score to catch up to his.

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I'm not BLAMING you..I'm just explaining. XS

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Cool :) I like your posts

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yeah me too, that sucks >< I'm part of like, arranging a song to perform at a concert in less than a week..I'm fairly sure we're pretty much screwed. And it's for a class, which makes it suck even more.

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hey don't blame this on me

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