It's possible to be attracted boys, and not be gay, amirite?

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Also: it's totally possible to be straight and attracted to boys if you're a girl. =P

AXISs avatar AXIS No Way +2Reply

u kinda lost me

swankorns avatar swankorn Yeah You Are +1Reply

1. Bisexuality.
2. Girlism.

oinks avatar oink Yeah You Are 0Reply
@oink 1. Bisexuality. 2. Girlism.

I didn't know I had an 'ism' boggles

ilostmyshoes avatar ilostmyshoe Yeah You Are 0Reply

I'm attracted to boys :)

lost_megs avatar lost_meg Yeah You Are 0Reply

if youre a girl than yes

Anonymous 0Reply

being a girl?

Anonymous 0Reply

well are you a girl???

Anonymous 0Reply

Sure you can. I am, but that's cos I'm a girl. I'm also attracted to girls at times but that doesn't make me bisexual or a lesbian.

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