When a guy calls you cute he is looking at your face, when he calls you hot he looks at your body, but when he calls you beautiful he is looking at your heart, amirite?

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When a guy calls you beautiful, he thinks you're hot, but knows you want to be called beautiful.

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If a guy says "I love you" right after you made out, or you had intercourse, he doesn't love you, he loves your body...But if he says "I love you" while you are being you(studying, reading, laughing) then he loves you

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And when he says your squelchy, he's looking at your spleen.

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I think ilostmyshoe either is bitter because s/he has never dated anyone or s/he's just a troll.

I ♥ This!

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:) I love this.

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sooo true

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Replace cute with hot and your correct.

soooooooooooo adorable

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wow no one has written in a year??????

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I like this post.

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He's also devious smoooooooth

Or when a guy calls you hot, he looking mostly at your pants and getting into them. The boy i like calls me beautiful, good sign yeah?

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Wow, girls are stupid. Guys don't do that.

@TheMachanga Wow, girls are stupid. Guys don't do that.

wow boys are idiots. they cant jus be a lil more obvious of what their sayin?

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Awwwwww <3

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Love this!

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so true. but when he looks at your heart, sometimes you might see it in a different way, and miss out on the chance to meet a really nice guy.

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yeah, for the heart one , you could think he's looking at your heart but its really your jugs

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sooo cute

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does body include boobs?

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