If you studied Greek Gods in high school, then you know that Zeus is a total player, amirite?

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Poseiden is beast

thalumberjacks avatar thalumberjack Yeah You Are +3Reply

he transformed himself into a swan and banged a chick!

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they're pretty much all players :D

maura17s avatar maura17 Yeah You Are +1Reply

zeus was a man whore of the highest caliber.

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there just all hoes and man whores

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i counted how many women hes done: 15-16!!! and he even had a threesome once, or that family tree branch of gods was wrong...

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I learned that in 7th grade. Last year.

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@I learned that in 7th grade. Last year.

i learnt it in 7th grade also :P

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im 12 years old and i know that. lol didnt need to wait till high school to learn that...

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How Is Zeus Almighty Awesomee ? I Wouldnt Want This Man-Whore Perv To Be The Ruler Ove Me.

HelloThurrs avatar HelloThurr Yeah You Are 0Reply

Unfortunately, I only studied the Greek gods in college, so I had no idea.

They were Roman, common misconception.

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@They were Roman, common misconception.

Aren't they just the same with different names?
Like Artemis is the same goddess as Diana, but Artemis is Greek and Diana is Roman.

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