13 17

i thought he was 18, but yeah, that's still true

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Double standards like those are awful.
Woman + younger man = cougar
Man + younger woman = pedophile and cops are called

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Taylor lautner is totally bangable! And he is 18.

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He's 18 in real life, and have you not heard of a cougar?

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i just like the example of a harpie

Saw that on a motivational poster. Still awesome and true though.

They're both either creepy or accepted, depended on the ages.

hes 18 its perfectly legal

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I think the person means to say is that in the movie he's 16

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Its not only women there's also teeneagers that scream(ii.e. me!!)

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i experienced this at the miley cyrus movie...

Hes 18 his birthday was in Febuary.

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but if the girl also takes all her stuff off it is perfectly fine

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Lol he's 17

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Well who could blame the women who scream? He's so fucking hot!

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