zoos in africa must be full of raccoons and cats and deer. stuff that's boring to us, amirite?

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Sure we have cats in the zoos here, if by cats you mean, lions, leapords, tigers and cheetas

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Normal zoo's here, I can assure you.

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Yeah you doos, because Africa doesn't naturally have cats and deer.

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it was a joke man

Yep stole from tosh.0

Fuck face ever heard off the big 5 . I guess not . Stupid kunt

Those are called grocery stores. haha

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We don't have zoos here! We fight the lions on our way to school! Haha en ek dog suid afrika het mense wat nie op skool is nie!

Just because it's Africa doesn't mean that there isn't anything here. I <3 Africa!!!

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There are "big cats" like lions, but not domestic cats. Here (Senegal) there are so many stray cats in the cities you don't need to go far to see one!

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That's from tosh.0 and from highdeas.com
way to steal dude:(
not cool...

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