It's kinda awkward getting changed in your room if you have posters hanging up because it seems like they are looking at you, amirite?

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Try a life-size cardboard cutout. o_o I put a santa hat over its head every time I change.

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Aw he is HOTTT, so I guess thats okay. But how awkward for you! hahaha

I think its awkward this post has +69 hehe..

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... Actually I would not mind Beckham looking ..just sayin

My poster is of Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd. He can look all he wants! =D

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My poster is of Johnny Depp as the mad hatter. It's kind of creepy if i change in my room, so i try not to look at his face if i do..

@hlm Hahahahhaahha. That would be awkward

Yeah. Can you imagine just changing in your room and then looking the Mad Hatter in the eyes? One of them looking off slightly. Lol

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