On icarly, if freddy's mom is so protective why does she let him hang around with two girls alone, in their house, all day long? Amirite?

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Well they live across from each other in an apartment, but what I don't understand is how she lets him go to places like the groovy smoothie without adult supervision and lets him do a webshow where they reveal where they live, their names, and their school

Because it's a TV show.

Good question.. It also seems like they hav way 2 much freedom for 13 year olds...

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They are really young looking for 18 year olds

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And she WANTS Freddie to get together with Carly.

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Because he's not the one who would be pregnant and nobody would believe he was the father

Because he lives in the same apartment, and close by too

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There not 13 there in high school,, i think

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It's not alone, Spencer is with them.

this lololol

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...in the sack.

No. Mrs. Benson hates Carly. Sam and Freddie are going to end up together.

Plus they play 16 on the show, not 13. And in real life they're 18.

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It's not like I actually care about them or the show. I'm just pointing it out.

ok fyi they play freshman in the show and they are like 15 ish in real life. look it up! just to clear it up...

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