If your bestfriend lives far away, and is coming for half a month, it's okay to be with your bestfriend during that time rather than your boyfriend, amirite?

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I sense you or someone you know had an argument about this with your boyfriend?

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why say half a month and not two weeks.... ?

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Unless your best friend is a guy then no, that might make some problems.

best friend is not one word.

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Of course out it is. Why would it not be okay? you may not end up with your boyfriend, but it los like you have a best friend that is forever. And if you see your boyfriend everyday and you never see your friend, you should spend as much time with your friend a you can.

Your boy should just accept the fact that you barely see her and should let you two have some quality time together. Two weeks isn't much when you live far apart.

you know what whey say two's a couple but a threesome's a party!!!

As long as you both make him sandwiches, he'll be alright.

If your boyfriend cared about you he'd want you to enjoy time with a friend you hardly get to see. I mean, he'll have your time for months after probably so why should he be that bothered?

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I agree as loklng as you don't neglect your boyfriend. Your guy should understand that you want to hangout with your friend, but regardless, he's your boyfriend and you should hangout with him or see him a little bit in those two weeks. Try getting the three if you together or hangout with a big group of friends

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