It's embarrassing when your relatives/parent's friends come up to you and yell out things like "What's this? You have BREASTS now?" or "Oh look! He's got stubble! How cuuuteeee!", amirite?

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I hope you don't have breasts AND stubble....

Especially because they can't just say it, the whole room has to get quiet and stare at said BREASTS/stubble.

shAvayourfaces avatar shAvayourface Yeah You Are +14Reply

The most awkward moment of all: when that relative/friend feels your boobs.

JennaGees avatar JennaGee Yeah You Are +13Reply

He's got a stubble? Awkward would be an understatement.

my grandpa asked me "so, do you have a boyfriend yet?!?" when i was 14. i was sure the entire restaurant heard.

x22s avatar x22 Yeah You Are +9Reply

Story of my life. And then "you got breast now" is always followed by "Do you have your period?!?!?!"

inbars avatar inbar Yeah You Are +2Reply

"Oh look, you've gotten so tall."
"You just saw me a month ago!

Curts avatar Curt Yeah You Are +2Reply

Holy fuck. Story of my life.

riceftws avatar riceftw Yeah You Are 0Reply

Especially if your a girl and your grandpa says you have boobs

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