Adding croutons, cheese and dressing to a salad kind of defeats the purpose of eating a salad, amirite?

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Some people don't eat salad because it's "healthy." We eat salads because they are tasty :o

psh who cares. theyre delicious

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And what, pray tell, is the "purpose" of eating a salad?

once i saw a meat salad O.o it was nasty looking...

[iceburg] lettuce has virtually no nutritional value...

Without croutons, dressing and cheese, it's just lettuce, and therefore not a salad...

So, you actually eat salads without any of those things? WTF?

I don't like salad dressing, but there is more to a salad than just dressing and lettuce. As long as there are tomatoes and cucumbers as well then I'm all good and gasp its still actually healthy and not loaded with fat.

Everyone doesn't eat a salad 'cause it's healthy.

It's called food. D;

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