The "No Way!" button is not a 'Dislike' button, amirite?

91%Yeah You Are9%No Way
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The voters have decided that Wakor is right! Vote on the post to say if you agree or disagree.

Everytime I get a no way, I feel like it's a little slap in the face.

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It totally feels like it though...:(

I think it is in some cases. If someone posted "This is amirite.net, amirite?" then obviously the correct answer is "Yeah You Are!". But its a stupidly obvious thing to point out so I would vote "No Way!" anyways.

its also "amirite?" not "amifunny?"
so yeah, its a dislike button

I treat it like a dislike button, because I feel some posts shouldn't have as many upvotes as they do.

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