By the time I was 7 I knew my sister's friends where her's, not mine, now it seems kids that are 11 think their older siblings friends are also their friends...kids need to grow up, amirite?

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My sister is 2 years older than me, but her friends are also my friends.
And it's not faking it. We're legitimately friends.

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Why the apostrophe? Go back to 1st grade.

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Your siblings friends CAN be your friends. Especially when you like your siblings.

yea, i want i just dont have a lot of time, but good for u i hope you reach your goal :D

i agree

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Actually you didn't forget one, you added an extra one. But it's okay! :)

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thats good, i mean the stupid kids that think they're so amazing, i know a lot of people that share friends with their siblings its just a matter if they're really friends or not

Thanx for rateing, people!!!!!! I've only had this account for 1 day and I already have a story posted on the homepage!!!!! Thanks again(: ~ <3

I know!! while i was at work yesterday, my little 12 year old brother had my 16 year old friends over for a bonfire. I wasn't even going to be home soon or anything!

just cuz kids r getting drunk and high when their 13 doesnt make them mature...that actually makes them immature so no, im not dumb. get over yourself. oh and btw i wrote this at like 3:00am so im sorry for grammar mistakes!!!!!

I knew that at 4 or 5... and I could talk fluently in Russian by the age of 1.6 years.

Kids are so fuckin' retarded now a days

Russian is harder to speak.(and no it's not easier just because you're Russian)

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I think speaking foreign languages are cool(: and yea, i agree kids are really stupid nowadays

@I plan on learning more then 7.

Start with English. Its than not then.

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@Start with English. Its than not then.

I'm still in progress of grasping English.

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are u kidding me? kids grow up ridiculously fast these days I'm 12 and some of my 13-year-old friends have been drunk and high how the hell can u grow up faster. ur a total idiot and just because u werent mature enough to have friends older then u when u were a kid that doesn't mean other people aren't dumbass. I'm friends with my sisters friends and its a real friendship. god ur so fucking dumb

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