Christian songs that never say the name of God or Jesus can easily be mistaken for love songs between a man and a woman. I'll bet the artists do that on purpose to attract an outside audience. amirite?

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this was a whole episode of south park... classic...

wooo! go jesus! :D

Like All around me by Flyleaf. I love that song but for a year I thought it was about her and some dude, doing it.

before i read the comments i was gonna say this song(:

This is off topic, but I act in christian plays, and the songs rock. Oh, and we had a song called love song. :) GO JESUS!

@TophatTalulah When I used to go to youth group, Love song was one of my favorites.

Did it gosomething like- "All my life long all sing a love song, a hallelujah praise you jesus..."?

May favorite, currently is no rock. It's from a play called Let's Rock. "One day outside jerusalem, there were people calling out, Blessed is the king who died, in the naaaame of the lord. Some in the crowd said to Jesus silence all the shouts. He said if they keep quiet, the rocks will cry out... There ain't no rock gonna cry in my place... ill sing his praises..."

Creed has a good amount of those. and well...it works

hehe I like to play with the songs the chaplain sings in bible study and turn them into love songs.

If you think about it, the song "bleeding love" sounds like a Christian song!

Skillet has some songs like this!

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