“ I wish my first word was ‘quote’, so when I died I could say ‘un-quote.'" amirite?

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EWW someone stole this exact line and made it to the homepage. i really hate people.

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This has been copied so many times

@Poster This has been copied so many times

has it really? before i posted it, i searched it in the search bar and nothing came up. i saw one on the homepage that was a different wording, but that was after i posted this

my dad said quote one day and asked his best friend to say un-quote at his funeral!

Such a repeat

That is going to be the first word I say when I walk into my new highschool so I will say end quote when I graduate :)

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You don't take comedian's jokes and make them your own. It's lame.


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:( punctuation mistake

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this is a stephen wright quote.

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@this is a stephen wright quote.

which is what i said up there ^

I think when I have a kid, I'm going to train him to say quote as his first word cause that's just awesome(:

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