It must suck to be a kid right now. Who wants a childhood where you can look at the North Pole on Google Earth and see that Santa isn't real? amirite?

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Well, apparently they have this Google Earth thing (it's fake) showing where 'Santa' is in the world. And it shows him going to all the cities and towns and countries. My little brother's loved to watch it last year


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@Katffro Wait, WHAT?! SANTA ISN'T REAL?!

@703294 (Katffro): Damn beat me to it too!

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Did you not watch the Santa Clause? It's all underneath the snow.

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Yea during christmas google earth shows santa :)

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No its just that he hids under all that snow:D

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@No its just that he hids under all that snow:D

What snow? The ice caps are melting.

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