Is it just me, or does nearly every person from England on American Tv come from London? There are other places, and that is hardly the accent. amirite?

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Daphne from Frasier is meant to be from Manchester but she sounds nothing like any Manc ive ever met.

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it's always like "EHLLO, OI'M FRUM LOHN-DUN, in tha GRAET BRI-'UN". i'm American but what's that called? cockney?

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Well I've heard Manchester a lot too, and Liverpool.

Either this is or they're supposedly from somewhere else in England but they sound like Londoners anyway.

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Well everyone from Hertfordshire says they're from London ;D

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The teacher who raped Naomi in 90210 wasn't from London.

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@The teacher who raped Naomi in 90210 wasn't from London.

He was from Dagenham which is in London. hehe

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