We all seem to have double standards. We get frustrated when every model we see is so gorgeous and perfect in every way. However, when we see an ugly model, we get mad because that person is ugly, amirite?

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I don't understand why people get mad when models are so gorgeous. We never go to the doctor's office and say "Come on! Why are all of these pediatricians so smart!" or go to a restaurant and say "What the fuck! This chef is too damn good at cooking!"

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I'd be happier if models were just average and came in all sizes to best showcase all body types. Overly beautiful models make people feel bad about themselves(sometimes), and ugly ones get laughed at. Average is pretty safe.

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Why would you get mad based on how someone looks?

Models must be beautiful. I hate watching movies when people are not beautiful. If I want ugly all i have to do is look around town. So i expect more from things I pay for be it magazines or movies.

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