Girls, you don't want to here about "guy problems", guys you don't want to here about girl problems". All in all, we don't want to here about each others "problems" So why don't we just get along and talk about fish, fish are important too, amirite?

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"Uh, I have a boyfriend."
"Yeah, I have a fish. Oh sorry, I thought we were talking about things that don't matter."

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this is has got to be most boring post ever, plus you don't even know how to write

Penguins can be gay also.

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fish are friends...not food ;)

Maybe i dont want to talk about "fish problems" either.

I pictured if someone was telling me this, they would be using a lot of air quotes.

I know right!!!! lol

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Your boring then, and what about the oil spill thats a fish problem!

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Lol...i dont think it was ment like tht..not all of us are smart enough to use hear worng.

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I feel as though dancing.

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creative, but learn to use the word "hear"

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