its hard to think off a boy name that ends in "a" or a girl name that ends in "o", amirite?

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English boy name ending in a- Dakota
English girl name ending in o- Margo

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In English, Spanish, and Italian you're probably right. In some other languages, it's not so true though. For example, in Japanese it's pretty common for women's names to end in 'O'.

joshua and flo.

@adiosToreador joshua and flo.

lol Flo reminds me of those car insurance commercials

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@lol Flo reminds me of those car insurance commercials

"Excuse me, Flo.. What's the Soup du Jour?"
"It's the soup of the day." "Great I'll have that!"

Hahaha sorry I had to say that... what movie is it from???

Yoda and Ditto

psh Simba

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@you just made my day! AVPM!!!

That comment made my day as well! AVPM is totally awesome, can't wait for the sequel on the 22nd!!!

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I know guys named Dakota.

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Joshua, Santana, Dakota

Cleo, Margo, Jo

Yeah, you're right... I can't think of many.

wow lots more ideas from you folks than i thought...i couldn't muster up anything. but you gotta admit, most of these names are weird. margo reminds me of mango lol

Japanese: girl's name: Machiko
boy's name: Kenta

ezra, ira, sasha

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Also, Indigo and Cleo for girls names

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i didn't know you could think off? lol

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I never noticed that but it's so true!

Girl's name could be Jo. But I looked it up on Google lol


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Lilo from Lilo & Stitch :)

ok, we can all google the topic. i think everyone is missing the point a bit yes?

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My name's Eanna. I'm a guy. :D I win

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Joshua, Dakota,
Lelo, Cleo, Flo, Jojo,

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hey hoe...my name is Calypso. End's in an 'o'. I'm a girl :D

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Rosario, Lo, Milo...

Sasha, Yasha, Vanja, Ezra, Joshua... Plenty of biblical, Jewish and Russian names...

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Morayo - that's a girl in my school

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flo reminds me of that car from cars

Akasha and Akira, Dakota , Joshua, Jeremiah( ok, not a per sé, but sound)Noah, Elija, Hezikia,
Santana, Sasha, Shea

Cleo, Margo, Flo (though its Florence), Jo, Coco,Juno, Marlo, Willow (sound ends in "o"), meadow Hayllo- (seriously, its a real name)

Im sure their are plenty of others,

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This is really only true for English, Spanish, French, and most Slavic languages. There's probably more, but it definitely doesn't apply to things like Japanese

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jo is a girls name?

mica -boys name?

Ezra and Juno.

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My name! Margo :)

@margohera My name! Margo :)

ok we know your name is margo, shush ahahaha im jk

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