Being a mom sounds hard. If you look attractive as a mother, people will think you don't pay attention to your kids and too much on yourself, but if you look sloppy, people will think you don't care about yourself or your kids, amirite?

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Oh yeah, THAT'S why being a mom is hard.

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I've never looked at a mom who doesn't look sloppy and thought, "Wow. She doesn't take care of her kids because she takes care of herself."

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I think the hardest would be to balance all the different roles you have to play. As a mom, you can be anything from a teacher, a nurse, a judge, a law enforcer, etc. As a wife, you still have to cook meals, do laundry, and clean the house. As a friend, you spend time with your friends and listen to them. And yet, somewhere in there, you still need to find the woman in your to be a lover to your husband.

It's almost phenomenal to me that anyone could be sexual after what their body goes through having a baby. Not to mention that a baby might spend the day feeding off your breasts and in the night, your spouse does something similar.

It's weird, to me. I hope I never have children. xD

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The best moms are the ones who make the best cookies.

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I think moms have worse things to worry about...

Guys, chill. I never said that was the only or most important thing a mom is worrying about, I'm just talking about this one subject.. being a mom is probably way harder than looking good, probably very little mothers think about this but it's just something that came to my mind haha.

Moral of the story: You can't please everyone. So dress how you want. :)

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