When you first saw the previews for the movie "Click", you thought it was just going to be another outrageous Adam Sandler movie, when it's actually a really well-written and heart-felt movie, amirite?

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Obviously SOME people only want T&A in their comedies. I, on the other hand, thought it was nice to see Adam Sandler do something different than yell.

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It was terrible. I thought it would be a fun and crazy movie with a remote that acts on the world but then it turned out super depressing

Well, it made me cry.

@theFlash Well, it made me cry.

It made me cry too. Especially the parts about his dad.

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i bawwed at the end

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I thought it was a really well done movie, Adam Sandler didn't look out of place at all and fit right into that character.

Better than a lot of his other movies. Still pretty bad. Good plot, but crude humor ruins any chance of good writing.

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that movie was terrible

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I agree. It was still really good, though.

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that movie was bullshit, it was such a waste of time. i didnt ever want to see the day adam sandler did a heart felt movie.

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