Not everyone deserves love, amirite?

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Love and sex is not the same thing:P

Yes, but it's not relevant to the question^ And mentally retarded people don't always understand sexuallity, and even then it's not sure that their children will be retarded as well.

To add to the debate, not all love is romantic love (or eros). There's familial love (storge), friendly love (philia), and love guided by principle (agape). Love is the greatest need every human being has, no matter who they are, and I think even mentally retarded people deserve at least one form of love, if not all.

I was wondering what the response to this would be... It'd either be an outstanding yes, or an outstanding no. But do you really believe that mentally retarded people should reproduce? And with who? Do they deserve that?

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Love is an emotion. It's that weird force that pulls together people who have nothing in common and makes then want to be very, very close to each other.

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True, true.

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