Party in the USA's line: "Welcome to the land of fame excess" doesn't make sense... the real lyrics are probably "Welcome to the land of fame and sex", amirite?

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My sister is convinced it is welcome to the land of flaming sex.

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Until I read this I had no idea that it was "fame excess" I always thought it was "fame and sex"

isnt the line "welcome to the land of fame except... ooh am i gonna fit in?"

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So right cuz after she says that it goes "Whoo" in a naughty/surprised way.

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fame excess makes some sense...

I thought it was welcome to the land of fame and success (but secretly I always thought it was originally fame and sex)

Fame excess makes plenty of sense because there's an "excess" of famous people how does that not make sense?

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especially considering she says am i gonna fit in? right afterwards ;)

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unhtil i saw this post, i had no idea what any of the lyrics were, but sure that sounds good!

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lol. its kind of like the lyric of a britney song (if you seek amy) they have a subliminal message. haha.

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I always thought it was famous sex...haha

That's what I thought she said before I found out what the lyrics were. They must have done this on purpose, you know, subliminal messaging shifty eyes.

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I'm pretty sure it's "Welcome to the land of L.A.X" ...L.A.X meaning Hollywood.

It's "welcome to the land of famous X". stupid

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@It's "welcome to the land of famous X". stupid

no it isnt. if u google the lyrics, all the websites say "fame excess"

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