Real friends don't let friends listen to BrokeNCYDE, amirite?

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Real friends let their friends listen to whatever they want to.

LOL, chill out

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BrokenCYDE is poop. I have trouble trying to fathom why they even exist.


hey c'mon, they're kinda good... who am i kiddin' they're TRASH!

ahhaha, that music is for 12 year olds who think they're all "hardcore" -_-

I couldn't agree more.

Skeet skeet

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I love them!!

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Dude ICP, Twiztid, And BC13 are the shit. That's my opinion, but I'm glad you have yours. "Now shake it like some chocolate milk!"- Juggalette x)

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Have you even herd one of therir songs? There amazing and one of my favorite band so don't go around trash talking things that some people like. It's ok to do it to things that people don't. so just stop it.

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