Some girls just don't understand that guys can engage in frequent, abrasive anal sex with their male friends without being gay, amirite?

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What the fuck?

Fuck, this made it to the Homepage.

There goes my +115 average.

Of all the posts I make...

Lol. Best post ever. <3

I don't get how people didn't instantly understand this was a joke

Galileos avatar Galileo Yeah You Are +7Reply

How could anybody agree, I mean mostly girls agreed, but come on. I'm hoping your kidding.

I clicked yeah younarebcuz it was too funny to let down

what the hell? I hope this was a joke

No, it's just that girls don't understand the postal service.

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One of the best posts I've read here.

Iwannafingeryous avatar Iwannafingeryou Yeah You Are +2Reply

This is messed up...... but hilarious

No you see what you have to do is have abrasive buttsex with two guys because, as the ancient romans used to say, it's not gay if it's in a three way.

Brettward95s avatar Brettward95 Yeah You Are 0Reply

No, use it, don't abuse it, just think of all the lesbians out there. Strap on or no strap on, gay butt sex posts don't belong here, wait what was I saying?

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sooooooooooooo...........ur bi ?

Anonymous -2Reply


Anonymous -2Reply

no offense dear, but i think you're in denial...

Anonymous -2Reply
@no offense dear, but i think you're in denial...

its a parody of another post... not a serious post

dude, if you also like girls that mean you bisexual not gay.

Anonymous -4Reply

Somebody needs to come out of the closet...

so, yeah, gay jokes aren't funny.

Anonymous -8Reply
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