Leaving a light on while you sleep because you're scared something is going to get you is only giving the thing you're scared of sufficient lighting to actually get you, amirite?

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Great. Now I'm scared all the time!

Uh no, things only bump in the night. They can't travel in light. It's like a law.

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What if it is like an owl, and it can't see well in light...?

But...but... What I'd it can see in the dark?!

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@But...but... What I'd it can see in the dark?!

(Ohya.): Thats supposed to say if.

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What if that thing is a serial killer from silence of the lambs(?), and can see in the dark with nightvision????

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The monsters I am afraid off are probably so ferocious that they can see in the darrk.

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no no no u got it all wrong monsters cant live in light, and also if u were being attacked, wouldn't u like to know by what so u ccan stop it? duh

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I thought it was common knowledge that monsters can see in the dark?!

oh shit. now im scared.

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