The theory known as "the butterfly effect" is pretty mind-blowing, amirite?

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@cvsully mind.blown.

that sounded too MLIA...

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@that sounded too MLIA...

hahah sryy im a MLIA recovery person..i recently switched to this better site=)

what is that?

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@what is that?

Basically; it states that something that happens now will change the events in the future.
Example: A butterfly flapping its wings today, could cause a tornado in the future
What happens today determines tomorrow.

It's fascinating in my mind.

oh wow that is mind blowing lol

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@oh wow that is mind blowing lol

I honestly cold think for hours about, what if something I do today will change my future, therefore changing someone else's' future as well, which intern changes another, changing the world. prettty crazy.

I cant tell if you guys are taking the piss >.< its actually incredible to think about it

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