It's funny how makeup is named to look as un-racist as possible. There is "bare" for super pale people, "deep" for black people, and a bunch of unrelated words like "silk" and "honey" for the shades in between, amirite?

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My shade is probroly somthing like "Casper's Girlfriend".

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or like coffee. Coffee with one cream. Coffee with one cream and two sugars. Coffee with-- SHUT UP I DON'T WANT COFFEE I WANT MAKE UP!

My shade is something like "China doll". Which I have no idea what that's supposed to say about my skin color.

@Stepharoo So basically I'm pale as porcelain.

lol i guess so...i never seen you...

but not necessarily....they just come up with these names figuratively because there are more human skin colors than there are names for them...

My normal shade is probably "florescent hospital white". My "tan" is probably "fluffy cloud". Believe it or not, my tan is still super white [because I don't try to tan...]

My skin is a beautiful shade of 'Pale Freak' =D

i'm always like a honey golden brown or something like that.

mine is right in the middle which they have cleverly named 'medium'

first of all the reason for this is the reason for this is that race has nothing to do with color (to a certain extent)....there are really light Caucasians and some pretty dusky ones....there are really dark black people and some pretty pale ones. same with like pretty much every race.

Also the human skin comes in sooooo many shades and hues, there are not enough names for all of them so they have to make shit up like that.

Yeah, mine is like "Ivory" I think...I am not an elephant tusk ):

Search for Sheamus on Google Pictures.
Wich color do you think he is?

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It would be easier if make-up would call my skin color "brown" with either "dark" or "light" in front. Then, I wouldn't have to go through all that "honey beige" or "mineral earth" crap.

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My mom thought mine WAS ivory (the lightest shade) until we found this skin match thing. Turns out I'm the third lightest shade. WOOP WOOP.

so we're back to associating race with color now?

mine is poop.

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Then should it be as racist as possible? Of course cosmetic companies aren't going to do that.

Its gotta do with shades and undertones and whatnot.

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I believe you meant "nonracist" or "tolerant". Sorry, but a grammar nazi's gotta do what a grammar nazi's gotta do.

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I hope inferior is your shade, and superior is the rest of the world. Dumbass.

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Wow, racist much?

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Please be a troll.


hahaha lawl its not racism its the truth!

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