You wonder what would happen if you taught kids with Tourette's from a young age that random words like "Camel" and "Apple" were bad words, amirite?

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I know that this is a joke, but technically not every kid with Tourettes spews out bad words like in South Park or the "Tourettes Guy." Each one has a different "thing" that they do.

But, still. "YA MOMMA IS A CAMEL APPLE. Oops, sorry Ms. Katie."

Oh god I lol'ed hard at the image of some kid blurting out CAMEL and twitching.

Tourette's isn't always liberal amounts of swearing.

Mostly it's a tick, like a little twitch or funny noise.

Actually, tourettes isnt just swearing. There's a video on youtube about it, one child blurts the word "coffee" randomly.

Rad like a radish

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I don't get it.

@Atomic_Cow I don't get it.

It doesnt actually happen often, but its common belief that if someone has tourettes syndrome they randomly yell swear words all the time, but what im saying is if you taught them since they were little that words like camel and apple were bad words, they would yell that, and it would be hilarious

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