Cadbury's chocolate is much better than Hershey's chocolate, amirite?

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I like Kinder Chocolate.
And that swiss one, Lindt.

Cadbury is made by hershey

@I thought so...

(Easter bunny): It's made by Hershey here in the US. Cadbury is actually from the UK, though. I had it once, and it wasn't as good as the stuff here (although, I think it was kind of old, so).

hershey's FTW.

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I don't know about Hershey's, we don't get that here. Cadbury slabs are sickeningly sweet though. Nestle is great.

Godiva wins all!

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Hershey's is disgusting. It's all gritty and way too sweet.

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Hershey's tastes a little bit like vomit...

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