"Canadian girls, so cool we'll freeze your hockey rink!" > "California girls, so hot we'll melt your popsicle!" What good is a melted popsicle?! At least you can skate on a rink, amirite?

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Also. I'm sure hockey rinks aren't as fun as penises.

sexual inuendo, my friend, sexual inuendo.

a popsicle....is...well. nevermind.

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I'm sick of these California girls variations

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The only song I know of is Californa Gurls and it rocks so stop with all those other parodies of this AMAZING song! Other Parodies are lame!

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...you messed up the lyrics

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CANADA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

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@CANADA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm guessing that your from America/England? What good of a country is that??????

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