A one piece bathing suit automatically makes a chick 2 points less hot, amirite?

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If it's a scale of 1-10, no, but maybe on a scale of 1-100.

eh, depends how much skin it covers, and if it's fashionable.

now, a skirted, padded, old-fat-lady swimsuit definitely makes people less sexy

Actually, a well fitted one piece swimsuit can be a sexier, classier, alternative to a bikini top.

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I would much rather see a big girl in a stylish, skirted one-piece than a bikini any day.

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Unless she's huge, 'cause nobody wants to see that shit.
I'd rather see her in a one-piece than see rolls of fat spilling over her bottom piece.

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@Unless she's huge, 'cause nobody wants to see that shit. I'd rather see her in a one-piece than see rolls of fat...

But now her rolls of fat are begging to be realeased and are about to bust through the confines of her one piece.

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Unless it's one piece of a two-piece.

I disagree... bikinis are nice, but one piece swimsuits can create an overall slimmer, nicer, more sleek figure.

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No. If the girl is hot, she will still be hot in the one piece. But if she is hot, she will usually look better in a two piece. Therefore OP, you are wrong, but commenters, you are also sadly mistaken.

The pedo has spoken.

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Not true. It depends on the girl of course. I've seen a few galleries of one-piece swimsuits, with super hot women.

It's more of an ass-focused thing, where bikinis can tend to be mostly boobs.

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IMO women who can pull of a one piece are more attractive

wow, really? thts just so perverted in like so mny ways. nd tht mkes you sound lik one of the dudes that only want to have sex with women.

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