You've played "hot potato" with everything but an actual potato, amirite?

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Am I the only one that learned the hot potato song from the Wiggles?

I did once with these 2 girls at camp. They made us baked potatoes the day we had out cookout, and someone (to this day we don't know who) rolled a potato over to us and we just started playing hot potato with it. That is, until I threw it up too far in the air and it went splat into the ground...

I've played hot potatoe...... with a hot potatoe

@Iamsorite I've played hot potatoe...... with a hot potatoe

Sounds logical to actually play with a hot potato, but there's just something about playing it with random things like balled up socks or something.

its spelled potato :)

@GoshDarnDiddly its spelled potato :)

I knew it was looking kind of off, thanks for the heads up.

Oh you are certainly not.

I did once,it burned D:

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