Some guys are good at talking to girls. Some guys have all of the money in the world. Some guys wear fancy shoes and pants. I'm not one of those guys.. but baby.. I can DANCE. Amirite?

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I need a guy I can rave with.

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Hell I can't even dance! All I'm good for is plucky comic relief! XD

I'm not saying that "you can look retarded, but as long as you feel good it's dancing" But I do say that you don't have to be on a dance team or make it on a TV show (dancing with the stars, so you think you can dance, America's best dance crew. etc.) to be able to dance. I mean unless your "battling someone" you don't have to know something crazy. Just get into it and let yourself go.. but not too much.. =)

haha lol. you should use that on girls.

i think its sexy when a guy can dance :)

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aww i luv u!

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@aww i luv u!

I love you too! =)


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@Danny ?

just an excited mark ^^

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@Predy just an excited mark ^^

just an inquisitive mark ^ (about why you showed your excitement.. er.. what you're excited about)

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