Tom Felton / Draco Malfoy has gotten way hotter over the years. amirite?

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I thought I was the only one who thought this... Rupert Grint did as well

eastcoasts avatar eastcoast Yeah You Are +16Reply

Unfortunately, Daniel Radcliffe kinda went the opposite way..

JoyStars avatar JoyStar Yeah You Are +15Reply

as did Neville

Icels avatar Icel Yeah You Are +13Reply

I think he's kinda ugly in the movies...but outside when his hair's all normal....hello smilie

He is gorgeous! I've always had a crush on him, even from the first movie.

Liloquands avatar Liloquand Yeah You Are +9Reply

Rupert and Tom both became really attractive :P I also think that about James and Oliver Phelps (the Weasley Twins) but that's just me.. oh and Matt Lewis (Neville)

Well of course, they're no longer little kids or awkward teenagers. It happens with a lot of people.

Nah he was always really cute. He used to be so adorable when he was a kid, and now he's hot. Same with Rupert Grint; he used to be the cutest thing ever as a kid, and now he's realllyy gorgeous and hot! As for Daniel Radcliffe, he also used to be soooo adorable as a kid, but he became uglier now, but he still is good looking and he's hot too, but not as much as Rupert and Tom.

Expelliarmuss avatar Expelliarmus Yeah You Are +7Reply

I think they all did.

and a better actor too!

BeedleTheBards avatar BeedleTheBard Yeah You Are +5Reply

naw, he was always hawt

@Favvkes naw, he was always hawt

lol even as a little 11 year old boy.

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