Ugh, my co-workers bug the heck out of me. One of them's a chick who doesn't know left from right. But she's pretty hot. The other girl's really really smart but I swear, she looks like she came from a nerd convention. And then there's this guy who seems like he's high all the time, and for some reason he brings his dog to work everyday. So yeah, we travel in a bus and solve mysteries and stuff... amirite?

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I don't even care if this isn't yours, it's fucking great.

So yeah I have this job and I bring my dog with me. There's this one chick who is like really hot but she's stupid but she's hot so it doesn't matter. And there's this one chick who's a nerd so I don't wanna talk about her. And the fuuniest shit is, there's this one fag who wears a scarf! But I'm high and eat dog food so its all good.

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They travel in a van not a bus.

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@They travel in a van not a bus.

Oops, my bad, I just haven't watched Scooby Doo in a while. ._.

@They travel in a van not a bus.

@276749 (Kinnz): They still called it "the van" thou

@They travel in a van not a bus.

no, they traveled in a machine!!!

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Scooby dooby doo, where are you?!

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The way you shake and shiver!

@joshuaiscool The way you shake and shiver!

You know we've got a mystery to solve!

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@You know we've got a mystery to solve!

so scooby doo be ready for your act!

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@Dont hold back!

and scooby doo if you come through youre gonna have yourself a scooby snack!

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@jiggles117 yep....

I love how it took so long to finish this. This started back in July and Took until February

@jiggles117 that's a fact!

you missed a part...
Scooby doo here are you
you're ready and your willing
if we can count on you, scooby doo
i know well catch that villian!

So like yeah I have like this job where like my co-workers are SUCHHHH bummers like omg. Our driver is like this dude who looks exactly like a life size Ken or whatever who has a nice as..cott. Then there's like this nerdy chick with Harry Potter glasses. And call me crazy but I think there's this hobo and his talking mutt always like getting high off dog food in our van.

Ro, I rork rin ris ran rolving rysteries writh rese rumans rand rone rof rhem rives re rooby racks. yum!
translation- So I work in this van solving mysteries with these humans and one of them gives me scooby snacks. yum!

Hahaha, initial reaction, "Be nicer do your damn coworkers."
reaction after reading fully, "LOLOLOLOLOLOL."

I've seen this before but it's still funny xD

i absolutely looooved this!

This is great!

So yeah I have this job, one of them is this dude who wears an ascot who everyone thinks is gay. Then there is this other chick who is a total nerd who wears turtlenecks in the summer. And there is this other dude who seems high all the time and eats dog food and brings his dog to work.

@lilmissgiggles So yeah I have this job, one of them is this dude who wears an ascot who everyone thinks is gay. Then there is this...

DAPHNE! :) Total girly-girl rolls eyes

God, I remember this! Scooby doo is probably one of the most memorable cartoon dog I can think of! :P Good times, goooood times xD I also remember having tons of Scooby doo toys and even had a little tea party set and overalls with Scooby on it x)

"And I would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids!"


and everyone thinks i'm into the hot one, but im secretly gay.
I want that guy that's always high on dog food

jiggles117s avatar jiggles117 Yeah You Are +9Reply

This is getting me craving some scooby snacks. :P

I was seriously obsessed when I was little. Action figures, dolls, pajamas, tapes, blankets, sleeping bags, dinner sets (plates, forks, knives, and spoons).. you name it, I had it.

This is amazing!

Spectacular :)

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Whenever you got to shaggy and scoobes part I imagined them, even though i hadn't known otbwas actually refering to them yet. Oh btw when I was in
prekindergarten i had a scooby doo lunch box....with a thermus!

This is AWESEOME~! And so is recycling funny amirites~! If they are funny, I couldn't care less! Keep em coming! Xo

I <3 this

My co workers are total losers. theres one girls who is as dumb as a stump but guys love her cuz shes hot. theres this guy with an ascott (who i suspect might be gay) and this guy who gets high off dog food and talks to his dog. i think im the only smart person in this group

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rofl. <3
you're my hero.

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I 4get his name, but what about the other guy who has a crush on daphne?

aaaah I feel soooooo stupid- he's the one saying this :-/

This made my day! :)

this was hilarious though, who cares that it wasnt your thought. you were the first to think to put it here :D


You are my savior

this was from funnyjunk.

even my pop laughed.......

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I read this somewhere before like a year ago.

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I was literally watching Aloha! Scooby Doo as I read this lol. weird.

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OMG scooby doo!!!

i was thinking about scooby-doo after the first two sentences


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Oh goodness this is awesome

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Oh My Gosh! Love It! You Are A Genious!

it took me 3 times to read this before i got it. lol

wow way 2 copy off somone

Anonymous 0Reply
@wow way 2 copy off somone

Wow, way to show complete disregard for the English language.

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People who didn't like this had no childhood!

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Lol I only figured the reference once you mentioned the high dude with a dog...shame on me. xd

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the people who go into the trouble to click on a post, click on the little commentie button, and then just say it was from facebook, or whatever, have no lives.

Way to steal this from Highdeas... this is a cheap shot my friend

Anonymous -3Reply
@Way to steal this from Highdeas... this is a cheap shot my friend

It's not new, I'm sure the person off of Highdeas stole it from someone else too.

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i had no idea that this was a joke about scooby doo... how come everyone else got it?

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