Any person involved with the terrible film adaptation of one of your favorite books deserves a bitch slap, amirite?

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cough David Yates cough Steve Kloves cough

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that stupid m night shamalmamdingdong what ever the heck his name was ruined the last air bender

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Did somebody say Cirque Du Freak ?

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Percy Jackson... >.<

The Last Song :(
Looove the book. Hate the movie

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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yeah, I was thinking something along the lines of public lynching.

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Deathly Hallows is going to be amazing. You can't just expect everything to go how YOU want it. You can't expect them to adapt it precisely to the book, even if they have taken the time to get it as perfect as possible. Have a little respect. Without these guys you wouldn't have great movies. In my opinion if you bash a director you bash the fandom. You should be ashamed.


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@Deathly Hallows is going to be amazing. You can't just expect everything to go how YOU want it. You can't expect...

Harry Potter.
After the 3rd Movie, it got crap.
@552376 (Anonymous): I'm part of the book fandom, not the movie fandom. After reading the amazing books, the movies were a major let down. And in the Half Blood Prince, really? The Weasley's house burning down?
I know the directors can get it all precise, but the movies really aren't the greatest. And as a fan of harry potter practically my whole life, i can really mean that.

They better not fuck up Beastly...

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@They better not fuck up Beastly...

Please, that was a terrible book to begin with. And in the movie, he's not even a real beast.

They're making a fablehaven movie...
I'm really scared.

Ex: It's an amazing fantasy series that gets better with each one. First one, meh, the rest :O

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My Sisters Keeper, terrible movie, wonderful book

Ella Enchanted.
Whenever I reread the book now and think about the movie, I get really depressed thinking about how if they'd actually stuck to the story, the movie could have been SO amazing.
And there's my rant for the day.

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