We're all manipulated by the media, some of us are just less aware of it, amirite?

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like the people that think they're "original" because they hate Twilight, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus

Maybe....some people more than others, some negatively, some positively.

How I was 'manipulated' by the media was that I found some good role models in TV shows...

i don't think we can ever be fully aware of it. that's just how it is.

@JamiLovesYou well some of us are atleast slightly aware of it

meh. i just want to mention don't pride yourself on it. we all are aware of it to a certain extent, and we can't perceive just how much we are or aren't aware of. and if we are even slightly aware of it, why do we consistently allow it to still manipulate us?
i'm not trying to be an annoying prick (though i'm sure i am) just wanted to add my two cents.

We're being manipulated to not know that we're being manipulated

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