Mrs. Pacman is the biggest prostitute. Just pay her 25 cents and she'll eat balls until she dies, amirite?

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I didnt know prostitutes are paid to eat testicals, I thought they were paid for blow jobs and sex.
Thats gross, probably a bad diet too.

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hahahahhahaa. Right after I read this, I saw an ad to play Pac-Man for free (;

It's the same thing with the Mr. Pacman
They're swingers for sure, except that Mr. Pacman clearly prefers balls.

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Not to mention she gets eaten by the ghosts! (;

Does that make pac man gay? he eats balls too lol

I thought it was Ms. Pacman not Mrs.

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@I thought it was Ms. Pacman not Mrs.

I think she's married to pac-man,so its mrs.

@Deathbubble I think she's married to pac-man,so its mrs.

she is, they even have little children.... :)

best girlfriend ever. she's cute, she's fun, she swallows.

i laughed so hard.

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Maybe ms pacman is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. pacman?

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isn't there already a facebook group for this?

ps it's ms pacman. not mrs.

They must have gotten divorced. Because in the games when you beat a certain amount of levels there's a little skit. And I def just watched the skit where they're married. :)

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dude calm your nuts...
unless ms. pacman already ate them.

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This was a forward.!!

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shoot i'll do it for free ;)

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Best post ive ever seen lmfao

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Not to mention, she's Married! MRS. Pacman!!!

@iamalwaysrite Idiot, it's Ms Pac-Man and always has been.

No, dumbass they even have kids oh wise one!! People even said it so Nyaaa

@Operator_X @(AshezzxLee) Just got Pwnd.

Dude aren't there two? I've seen both Ms and Mrs o.O

@Operator_X @(AshezzxLee) Just got Pwnd.

OMG there is a pop up to play Pac Man for free on here...... ironic much?

lol i thought pacman was a guy?

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