There's no logical reason for washing machines to have those little windows. I mean, who watches their laundry be cleaned, amirite?

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Um, I like to watch the washing machine, actually....

@Alyssa Um, I like to watch the washing machine, actually....

Me too.. Only my washing machine doesn't have a window- just the dryer. But the washer is cooler!

The same could be said about microwaves (:

So you can tell if your clothes are done. Or if you are in a laundromat you can see which clothes are yours. My washing machine doesn't have a window, but it's in my house so there aren't other people there who need to check.

Animals, small children, easily amused people, washing machine commercial actors. Lots of famous people. Like Leonette Vulgara, most commonly known as the chick in the washing machine commercial that plays Soul Sister. And Hector Bulicia, the toddler in the birth control ad.

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I masturbate to the erotic swirls of my washing machine. No one can take that away from me.

Am I the only one who watched full length movies and tv shows on the washing machine as a child?

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